croquís® Mono Premium PDO

<tc>croquís® Mono Premium PDO</tc>
<tc>croquís® Mono Premium PDO</tc>
<tc>croquís® Mono Premium PDO</tc>
<tc>croquís® Mono Premium PDO</tc>

croquís® Mono Premium PDO

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• Packungsinhalt: 6 x 10 Stück im Aluminiumbeutel
• Hersteller: SAMYANG

· Lippenkontur

· Krähenfüße

· Periorale Fältchen

· Glabellafalte

· Oberflächliche Fältchen

· Wangen

· Plisseefalten

Croquís® MONO threads can be used universally to treat slight wrinkles. They improve the skin structure in the long term and stimulate the stimulation of colleagues. The thread is completely degradable and absorbable

All Croquís® products are CE certified.

SAMYANG BIOPHARMACEUTICALS is one of the world's leading manufacturers.

Everyone is born beautiful.

The definition of beauty has shifted from wanting to resemble someone to revealing inner beauty. Samyang believes in values ​​as art.

SAMYANG BIOPHARMACEUTICALS Aesthetics arises from the combination of art and technology.

By bringing out your inner beauty with Samyang technology,

SAMYANG BIOPHARMACEUTICALS Aesthetics offers a helpful and safe solution to stay young and beautiful.

Please note:  We would like to point out that the injection of products may only be carried out by trained, medically qualified professionals, including the medical industry and the health sector, in accordance with the local applicable regulations, should be carried out.

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