Juvederm® Ultra Smile

Juvederm® Ultra Smile
Juvederm® Ultra Smile

Juvederm® Ultra Smile

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• Packungsinhalt: 2 x 0,55 ml Fertigspritzen, 30G ½ Nadel
• Inhaltsstoffe: 24 mg/ml Hyaluronsäure + 0,3% Lidocaine
• Hersteller: Allergan
• Indikation: Modellierung, Volumenaufbau


Juvederm® Ultra Smile with 0.3% lidocaine - volume build-up and contour for the lips with almost no pain

Juvederm® Ultra Smile was specially developed for a natural volume build-up and contouring of the lips. The advanced formulation also ensures that the lips feel soft and supple - for a radiant smile for your patients.

The pain during and after the treatment is reduced to a minimum by the integrated local anesthetic lidocaine.

Juvederm® Ultra Smile unfolds an immediate and long-lasting, but not permanent effect. The gel is completely biodegradable. This allows the patient to decide for themselves at any time whether the effect should be retained.

Please note: We would like to point out that the injection of products can only be carried out by trained, medically qualified professionals, including the medical industry and the health sector, in accordance with the local applicable regulations, should be carried out.

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