Prostrolane Inner-B 2x2.0ml

Prostrolane Inner-B 2x2.0ml
Prostrolane Inner-B 2x2.0ml

Prostrolane Inner-B 2x2.0ml

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• Packungsinhalt: 2 x Fertigspritze 2,0 ml
• Inhaltsstoffe: 0,7 % Natriumhyaluronat, PBS, Peptidkomplexe (Nonapeptid-32, Pentapeptid-43, Tripeptid-41, Octapeptid-11)
• Hersteller: Caregen
• Indikation: Lipolyse - Fettwegspritze






Mentolabial folds

Nasolabial folds

Upper arm


Prostrolane® Inner-B is an innovative gel with sustained release technology and novel peptide technology.

Prostrolane® Inner-B is an injectable gel indicated for deep dermis implantation for lipolysis of moderate to severe double chin, abdomen, buttocks, hamstrings and reduction of local fat accumulations.

The lipolysis is promoted by the peptide and the fat cells are effectively reduced. The lasting effect on the fat cells is guaranteed by the unique composition. Fat deposits are thus minimized and new collagen formation can be achieved.

2 treatments for the chin area

3-4 sessions for the rest of the body

Please note: We would like to point out that the injection of products can only be carried out by trained, medically qualified professionals, including the medical industry and the health sector, in accordance with the local applicable regulations, should be carried out.

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Prostrolane Inner-B 2x2.0ml